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Homemade Monsieur Lazhar

Taking bakery
To another level


Monsieur Lazhar started as a small family business, only to grow into a recognized local name.

Monsieur Lazhar started as a small family owned bakery. With time, it became one of the most recognizable names in the area. We introduce our guests to the French cuisine and we provide the kind of food your mother and grandmother used to cook. Simply put, we will revive your taste buds with a unique experience.
Our recipes are unique. You will notice that you cannot find a similar taste anywhere else. We bring in classic recipes and French dishes, as well as a few innovations developed behind the scene. We provide breakfasts, brunch deals and bakery products at affordable rates – but more importantly, at unique quality standards. Whether you are after something sweet for dessert or you need a full meal in your work break, Monsieur Lazhar will look after you.

Running hours

Every single day
9AM to 8PM

Breakfast deals

Every single day
9AM to 11AM

Lunch deals

Every single day
11AM to 3PM

Dinner deals

Every single day
3PM to 8PM

Night Coffee

Monday & Sunday
11:00 am – 4:00 am

Happy Hour

Monday & Sunday
11:00 am – 4:00 am


Monsieur Lazhar came to life as a local bakeshop in the 1930s. It was run by a single mother and her two daughters. Obviously, things have changed overtime and the bakery has managed to keep its profile. Recipes have always been homemade, so they can easily remind you of the foods your mother or grandmother cook. These days, the bakery is one of the most popular names in France. Foods are still homemade and some recipes are unique and discovered behind closed doors. We provide various deals based on the time of the day you visit us. You can get a healthy breakfast, a quick brunch or perhaps dinner and coffee after work.




Providing the recipes from your childhood

  • Pouched egg
    You can choose a few toppings. It comes with avocado, beans and a sausage.
  • Meaty burger
    You can choose a few toppings. It comes with bacon, a sausage and multiple types of cheese.
  • Full French breakfast
    You can choose a few toppings. It comes with biscuits and eggs as default.
  • Continental breakfast
    You can choose a few toppings. It comes with beans, a sausage and mushrooms.
  • Vegetarian breakfast
    You can choose a few toppings. It comes with more types of cheese and avocado.
  • Vegan breakfast
    You can choose a few toppings. It comes with vegan cheese, beans and tomatoes.

Latest Blogs

Green Hulu Kratom: What, Where, How?

Green Hulu Kratom has been in the news for a while now.  Researchers have continually been testing its effects on humans. There have been some speculations about Green Vein Hulu abuse being like that of marijuana.

The fact is Hulu Green Vein Kratom is a part of traditional remedies and its use has gained popularity in the Western medicine as well. This article explores questions related to the Kratom strains with special focus on Green Vein Hulu Kratom.

What is Green vein Hulu Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly called Kratom are trees endogenous to Southeast Asia.  The leaves of this plant are reported to produce similar effects as opioids. These plants are especially cultivated in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. As the name suggests, this particular kind of strain is prepared from the green-veined variation of the Kratom plant found on the riverbanks of the Kapuas Hulu River in Indonesia. Other notable variations are Red and White vein Kratom.

Green Vein Hulu is a part of traditional Indonesian medicine used since around 150 years as an analgesic and sometimes as a recreational drug. In modern day, western medicine has adopted the green vein kratom for treating withdrawal symptoms, pain and mood disorders.

How does Green Hulu Kratom affect you?

Hulu Green Vein Kratom is essentially a psychoactive plant. It brings about changes in the mood, awareness, behaviors and thoughts. Unlike its red and white counterparts which attribute to a particular feeling, green vein Hulu induces a combination of both effects in the body: energizing as well as sedating.

Some of the medicinal uses of Hulu Green Vein in western medicine are to alleviate pain and certain emotional and mental conditions. It results in reduction of PTSD symptoms and lower levels of anxiety.

The plausible side effects of Hulu Green Kratom include:

  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite

When taken in high dosages Kratom Green Vein Hulu can be lethal. It can lead to respiratory depression. Overtime it may lead to withdrawal effects characterized by muscle spasms, fever, runny eyes and nose, anger, nervousness and sadness. It is highly beneficial for people suffering from addiction. Its withdrawal symptoms are milder, and its use is safer than the traditional recreational drugs. Like any other opioid, the effect of Kratom Green Hulu will vary accordingly with differences in body weight and tolerance of individuals.

Where can you find Green vein Kratom?

Tons of varieties of Kratom strains are available in the market. The popularly ingested forms include dried leaves strain for tosh and wash, a refreshing tea, capsules and even chewing the leaves directly for optimum effects. In India, Kratom is currently legal and therefore can be procured openly. A famous online marketplace for green vein kratom is BKN Kratom which provides a variety of different strains ranging from Sumatran red vein kratom to Indo White Kratom strain.

In conclusion, even though there are no noted long-term side effects, Green vein Hulu Kratom is beneficial in monitored dosages, but it may lethal in large quantities and even produce symptoms of withdrawal. It is a good analgesic and can aid in treatment of addicts when used in moderation.

Everyday use of green vein kratom can result in development of tolerance but it is reported to ease anxiety and produce a soothing effect. Overall, the amount and frequency of Kratom intake will determine its positive and ill effects on the human body.

Red Horn Kratom – Benefits, Dosages and Reviews

Red Horn Kratom is a unique strain which is ethically grown in Indonesia’s western Kalimantan jungles. This strain   is cultivated in the regions of Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo. It is a widely accepted Kratom strain found to be powerful in this region.

This Kratom strain is deemed very rare as the area is not easy to reach and it’s a struggle to discover it. This is a localized natural strain that is much more difficult to cultivate and harvest as opposed to other Kratom strains. Red Horn is sometimes confused with Red Maeng Da, but the two have differing alkaloid levels among other chemical compounds.

While Red Maeng Da is identical to Red Horn, only the “spiked leaves” are the source to extract Red Horn. The cultivation of such spiked leaves thus takes more time and advanced expertise to be obtained by hand, which is the explanation for its success. The market for this drug is greater than the quantity of Red Horn Kratom which can be manufactured.

Red Horn Kratom is different from the other variations of Kratom out there. This Kratom is named “unpredictable strain” as well because of the impact it may have on other people. These results may be very intense and last more than traditional Kratom varieties. Red Horn Kratom strain which is extremely demanded is sought after because of many benefits.

Benefits of Red Horn:

  • Exceptional and high-quality leaf extract
  • Alkaloid-rich and finely ground powder
  • 100% organically grown
  • Chemical and pesticide-free
  • Cultivated by experienced purveyors

Red Horn Kratom has multiple advantages to it. Because of the ethical growth and processing of this Kratom strain, only the top-quality spiked leaves are obtained and kept apart from the other red-veined leaves selected during harvest. Red Horn includes 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, as well as other useful alkaloids.

Red Horn spiked leaves have more alkaloids per volume relative to many other red-veined types. Another advantage is that this variety is cultivated without toxic pesticides and additives and is manually cultivated and extracted 100 per cent organically. West Kalimantan’s tropical rainforests are wealthy in vegetative environment and provide the ideal growth conditions for these Kratom trees to develop higher alkaloid rates relative to other forms of Kratom strains.

There are several clear factors why many people consider Red Horn as the King of Kratom. Here are a little more of Red Horn Kratom’s benefits: –

Red Horn Kratom has multiple advantages to add. This Kratom is a powerful pain reliever which helps in reducing chronic pain. The result relies more on soothing hand and less into the euphoric side completely different from other strains

The stimulating affect and euphoric sensation are observed when consumed at very higher level (over 9 grams), well above the normal amount. Consumers might be experiencing a sense of anticipation.

In addition to the clinical value, the results are uncertain, depending on who takes it. This may improve confidence, relieve depression, raise stamina, energy and decrease body pain.

Red Horn Kratom Dosage

This strain does have a high potency so it is suggested that it should be used with special caution. Even at small dosages (1 to 3 grams each day), you can see the impact. Even one-gram powder of Red Horn Kratom is almost sufficient for most users. For good results you should go with 2 grams.

It is safer to begin with a small dosage, preferably 1-2-gram dose for beginners. however higher dose can be used for medical reasons, such as discomfort, soreness and pain. The impact will last from 3-6 hours.

Red Horn Kratom Side Effects

Many people also found that they often get headaches opposed to many other strains while consuming this strain. This does not necessarily happen however it does. And sometimes they also feel dry mouth. This brings up mild dehydration for whatever cause and the remedy is easy.  To avoid dehydration, you should drink more and more water and keep yourself hydrated. By the way why am I telling it? Everyone knows that drinking more water will avoid dehydration.

While a few people claim they get itchy after the scent of this strain strikes them first.

Red Horn Kratom User Reviews

The users indicated that even a lower amount of this Kratom initiated results based on different discussions from common social forums. Most of them say they are very pleased with it, helps them to feel good, enthusiastic, and cheerful by enhancing their spirit and easing pain.

Users have confirmed that the optimal dose to be taken to obtain the stimulating effect and attitude change is from 4-6 grams. Many people find Red Horn Kratom to be a paradise weed, since it has a distinct influence. It was known to be the best Kratom strain, despite of being very costly, making it extremely famous for many Kratom consumers.

5 Top Rated Kratom Vendors

Kratom has become a common household name due to its medicinal benefit and many people are resonating with the list of benefits that it offers. More and More people are making into the list of Kratom users and this increased popularity has paved a way for more Kratom vendors and suppliers to jump into its market and test their fortune.

However, there is no guarantee that every store claiming to be selling Kratom is a legit one. This sounds concerning and guess what, one should be concerned about it. This is because using Kratom is like playing with your health and hence you need to be more conscious about the quality while buying it. A bad quality Kratom might affect your health in a negative way and repercussions are sometimes irreparable.

There are ample of online Kratom vendors and not all of them are trustworthy. Buying Kratom online is the best option but all you need is to be more careful and informed because the rogue vendors are lined up there to sell you fake items. To help you in this process here we recommend some of the best places to buy Kratom online. According to different parameters defined for reviews, 5 top-rated kratom vendors on whom you can rely upon are:

  1. BKN Kratom:

The Bulk Kratom Now is the most trustworthy name among the online Kratom vendors. BKN believes in earning the clients rather than buying them and this attitude towards the customers ignites them to serve their clients in more and more better ways, thus, making it the most reputable online Kratom supplier with high quality products.

The mission that BKN aims at is to supply high quality exceptional Kratom at low wholesale prices and their goal is to make Kratom affordable to all. People can expect the savings of 1 to 5 times when they buy Kratom from them compared to buying locally. BKN sell the kratom in bulk but doesn’t bring any quality compromise in their products.

Their products are amazingly strong. This makes BKN a cost-effective Kratom brand for the clients and they get both quality and savings here. One can also find a wide range of diversity in their products and there are about 30 different strains of powder and capsules. Although, BKN launched its first products earlier in 2020, they should never be underestimated as the newcomers with negligible experience in this field.

This is because the owners have worked in the Kratom industry since 2014 and passion for the products is embedded in their veins. This experience has given them the vision to understand their buyer’s needs and they leave no stone unturned to meet their expectations. This is the reason that within such short span of BKN, it has topped our list of recommendations.

  1. The Golden Monk:

This Kratom brand is the legit one and their priority is synonymous with their purity. What adds more faith into the quality of Kratom provided by them is that American Kratom Association (AKA) has recognized this brand because of its compliance with GMP standards and thus makes it more reliable Kratom supplier for the people.

The Golden Monk also believes in transparency and lab test their products through third-party labs. They even don’t hesitate in sharing the results with the public and this deepens the roots of trust in the quality of their products. They have a wide range of products and to ensure that the best is delivered they don’t take chances with new vendors.

They also take utmost care with packing of products and you receive the product packed in a bubble wrap to ensure safe transit. Their 30-day refund policy and same-day delivery service adds more grace to their amazing services. If you place an order with them before 3 pm then you can expect the same day delivery and if you are unsatisfied with the product received, then the 30-day refund policy comes to rescue.

  1. Coastline Kratom:

This online store for Kratom is committed to delivering high quality Kratom at affordable prices. Their products are directly imported from the experts and their farmers work dedicatedly to deliver the best quality products.

This Kratom vendor has so much faith in their quality that they offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you happen to dislike their product. This boldness has helped Coastline to establish itself as the best Kratom supplier in the market. It delivers you the best strains in different varieties. The transparency of this Kratom vendor serves like an icing on the cake.

They not only provide Kratom in powered form but also provide the live plants which you can grow and get rid from the fake products flooding in the market. The prices are fair and to provide more comfort to their customers they provide free shipping for all the orders above $75 within United States.

  1. Kats Botanicals:

The Kats Botanicals is one more online Kratom supplier from where you can buy the highest quality Kratom. Apart from the best quality Kratom they also deal in CBD and other botanical oils. You can get the Indonesian origin kratom here that is screened for quality and then tested in a USA lab.

To make sure they are clean and have good strength they receive approval only after a rigorous quality check. They even don’t hesitate in sharing the test results. Their good consumer relationships and commitment to delivering the quality with an ease manner adds them to the best Kratom vendors list. They opt for only 100% organic farming for the cultivation of Kratom and harvesting is done by hand by the expert farmers from Indonesia and Colorado. They offer the 100% product satisfaction. Their free shipping service of orders above $100 and 30-day refund policy makes it more reliable Kratom supplier for people.

  1. Happy Hippo Herbals:

With this Kratom Supplier, the happiness resides within the name only. It completely justifies its name and has earned its place as one of the reputable online Kratom vendors you can trust for high quality strains. Here you can find all the specific strains under one roof without doing much tedious research.

They care for their customers and that is reflected from the reviews posted by past buyers. They accept orders from all parts of world and ship internationally. They also provide free samples with each order they send thus making receivers of Happy Hippo Herbals happier.

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