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Monsieur Lazhar

We know that browsing our menu could give you some good ideas about what to expect, but we want you to take your time and explore the visual aspects of your dishes too. Go through our gallery and check out our best dishes, as well as a few pictures that define the atmosphere in our bakeshop. Moreover, you can follow us on Instagram too.

Monsieur Lazhar

How it all started

Monsieur Lazhar is one of the most recognizable names in Paris. It is the primary choice when it comes to bakery products and pastry – some of the main aspects related to France. We provide access to old traditional recipes, as well as modern dishes. Furthermore, we have our own recipes that you cannot find anywhere else.
The history of this bakeshop goes back to the 19th century. Back then, it was only a small bakeshop run by Mr. Lazhar. It supported a few local nearby streets. Mr. Lazhar used to make his own bread in different shapes and sizes. His bread was always fresh and he used to keep it warm for his customers. His popularity went up over a few years and people from the whole Paris came over to taste his famous bread. Feeling overwhelmed with the demand, he had to expand the bakeshop and invest in more ovens. It was a family run business and it still is. But back then, his siblings were the only workers in the little shop.
Over the past century, the bakeshop has extended its range of products. These days, we also provide all kinds of cakes and desserts, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner deals. You can come over and get a few takeaway cakes, but also sit in and enjoy the traditional French atmosphere in a bakeshop with tradition. Whatever your preferences are, we promise you will not be disappointed with our recipes – feel free to ask for some recommendations if you are not sure what you want.

Make a reservation

Feel free to contact us if you want to book the whole space

We allow booking the whole place for a special event. It could be a birthday party, a small reception or perhaps a lunch deal for your workplace. Simply get in touch and let us handle everything – book early to avoid disappointment.