Red Horn Kratom is a unique strain which is ethically grown in Indonesia’s western Kalimantan jungles. This strain   is cultivated in the regions of Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo. It is a widely accepted Kratom strain found to be powerful in this region.

This Kratom strain is deemed very rare as the area is not easy to reach and it’s a struggle to discover it. This is a localized natural strain that is much more difficult to cultivate and harvest as opposed to other Kratom strains. Red Horn is sometimes confused with Red Maeng Da, but the two have differing alkaloid levels among other chemical compounds.

While Red Maeng Da is identical to Red Horn, only the “spiked leaves” are the source to extract Red Horn. The cultivation of such spiked leaves thus takes more time and advanced expertise to be obtained by hand, which is the explanation for its success. The market for this drug is greater than the quantity of Red Horn Kratom which can be manufactured.

Red Horn Kratom is different from the other variations of Kratom out there. This Kratom is named “unpredictable strain” as well because of the impact it may have on other people. These results may be very intense and last more than traditional Kratom varieties. Red Horn Kratom strain which is extremely demanded is sought after because of many benefits.

Benefits of Red Horn:

  • Exceptional and high-quality leaf extract
  • Alkaloid-rich and finely ground powder
  • 100% organically grown
  • Chemical and pesticide-free
  • Cultivated by experienced purveyors

Red Horn Kratom has multiple advantages to it. Because of the ethical growth and processing of this Kratom strain, only the top-quality spiked leaves are obtained and kept apart from the other red-veined leaves selected during harvest. Red Horn includes 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, as well as other useful alkaloids.

Red Horn spiked leaves have more alkaloids per volume relative to many other red-veined types. Another advantage is that this variety is cultivated without toxic pesticides and additives and is manually cultivated and extracted 100 per cent organically. West Kalimantan’s tropical rainforests are wealthy in vegetative environment and provide the ideal growth conditions for these Kratom trees to develop higher alkaloid rates relative to other forms of Kratom strains.

There are several clear factors why many people consider Red Horn as the King of Kratom. Here are a little more of Red Horn Kratom’s benefits: –

Red Horn Kratom has multiple advantages to add. This Kratom is a powerful pain reliever which helps in reducing chronic pain. The result relies more on soothing hand and less into the euphoric side completely different from other strains

The stimulating affect and euphoric sensation are observed when consumed at very higher level (over 9 grams), well above the normal amount. Consumers might be experiencing a sense of anticipation.

In addition to the clinical value, the results are uncertain, depending on who takes it. This may improve confidence, relieve depression, raise stamina, energy and decrease body pain.

Red Horn Kratom Dosage

This strain does have a high potency so it is suggested that it should be used with special caution. Even at small dosages (1 to 3 grams each day), you can see the impact. Even one-gram powder of Red Horn Kratom is almost sufficient for most users. For good results you should go with 2 grams.

It is safer to begin with a small dosage, preferably 1-2-gram dose for beginners. however higher dose can be used for medical reasons, such as discomfort, soreness and pain. The impact will last from 3-6 hours.

Red Horn Kratom Side Effects

Many people also found that they often get headaches opposed to many other strains while consuming this strain. This does not necessarily happen however it does. And sometimes they also feel dry mouth. This brings up mild dehydration for whatever cause and the remedy is easy.  To avoid dehydration, you should drink more and more water and keep yourself hydrated. By the way why am I telling it? Everyone knows that drinking more water will avoid dehydration.

While a few people claim they get itchy after the scent of this strain strikes them first.

Red Horn Kratom User Reviews

The users indicated that even a lower amount of this Kratom initiated results based on different discussions from common social forums. Most of them say they are very pleased with it, helps them to feel good, enthusiastic, and cheerful by enhancing their spirit and easing pain.

Users have confirmed that the optimal dose to be taken to obtain the stimulating effect and attitude change is from 4-6 grams. Many people find Red Horn Kratom to be a paradise weed, since it has a distinct influence. It was known to be the best Kratom strain, despite of being very costly, making it extremely famous for many Kratom consumers.

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